The Benefits


Patients will notice and appreciate the extra care given to infection protection. One major concern of patients entering the healthcare setting: “Is there a chance that I will catch another infection while I’m here?”


For the price of other disposable supplies in the office, CoreShieldz limits waste and will fit within the overall value of a patient exam, while displaying to patients that “we care” about infection protection in the office.


Practitioners enter exam room, reach over to a conveniently placed CoreShieldz dispenser, remove CoreShieldz, apply on diaphragm of stethoscope, all while starting engagement with the patient.


Don’t simply control the infection; protect against infection from the start. No need to clean the stethoscope diaphragm between patients; protect your stethoscope from becoming a vector of microorganisms in the first place.


Practitioners can apply CoreShieldz within their current workflow without stopping to clean their stethoscope.


CoreShieldz is designed to keep the stethoscope diaphragm protected from microorganisms, and CoreShieldz is clean-looking to support the overall exam room feel.

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