Media Kit

Welcome to the media kit! Here you will find all of the marketing materials you need to introduce CoreShieldz to the medical industry. The camera ready logos include all the logo files you will need for marketing material and instructions on proper use. The sales sheet includes print ready files along with specifications for printing. The sales banner includes a print ready file for a pull up retractable banner for use at trade shows.

You may download the entire kit or choose individual downloads.


Camera Ready Logos

By downloading the CoreShieldz™ logos you will have everything you need to use these logos in any marketing material. They are good for print and web. They are accompanied by a proper use document so ensure that you are utilizing the brand to its full potential.



Sales Sheet

The sales sheet download is provided for use as print ready marketing material. This includes a print ready .zip file along with print specifications. These are to be used as marketing material at conventions, trade shows, office space, etc.

Download Sales Sheet

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Sales Poster

The sales poster is to be used for large shows or office space. The file is print ready and includes print specifications. It is made to be used as a retractable pull out banner.

Download Sales Poster